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    To whom it may concern,
    I thought once I reached adulthood I would be done dealing with bullies. Now that I’m past 30 I really considered that a concept of the past. But alas I find that I have to deal with rude,inconsiderate,hateful,classist,at times downright dangerous bullies on a daily basis sometimes in multiples. I live in a small town. This is supposed to be like Mayberry but even around here in our one stop light town it seems everyone is rude,inconsiderate, in a hurry and willing to run you off of the road if it makes their day a little easier and gets them where their going a little quicker. What happened to kindness? Am I outdated already? Oh I almost forgot to mention…. When did everyone become such high horse classist snobs? If it rained out here half of the town would drown because their noses are so far up in the air. Does that sound like Mayberry? I think not. In Mayberry even the bums and drunks were treated like family and offered a kind word and a hot meal. But around here the working class with a little dirt on their hands are the first ones to get the side eye and shade of the “super stepford mom’s ” at the elementary school and the grocery store. And the first to be ran off the road by the new breed of do nothing country boy with no manners who’s big ass one ton has so much as never saw a 2×4 in the bed let along an honest days work. I won’t keep rambling but I just had to get some of that off my chest because here in Mayberry USA in the last two days I’ve almost been hit twice while driving by people who didn’t have time to wait for my old truck to move a little faster. One (a high ranking official at the school) slung rocks and dust all over myself,my truck, and my kids on the way past us on a one lane road with a 30mph speed limit(my windows were down,no a/c). And the other the aforementioned supposed to be good guys County boys in the non used work truck were mad because i wouldn’t cross heavy traffic with an old work truck full of kids, proceeded to honk zoom past me almost hitting the front end of my truck and then dumped diesel smoke in my again rolled down windows. These are just two examples, this is a daily thing here and in surrounding areas inside,outside, on and off the road every where I go I can’t ever seem to find a nice down to earth person in the lot of them that’s in touch with the fact that were all human and need to love each other and look out for each other. If its this bad here i can’t imagine what the rest of the world is turning into.Sometimes i feel so angry with people like that that i find myself wanting to treat them the way they’re treating me. But then the voice of my mother rings in my ears “treat people the way you want to be treated” and then i straighten up and act right. So I decided just to write my frustration since the pen is mightier than the sword. So to the mean, rude, inconsiderate people who may be reading this….. I may have dirt on my boots and hands, i may drive an old dirty truck that doesn’t go as fast anymore as you would like it to. I may be a little socially awkward , i may not be JUST LIKE YOU. But I’m Human, I have feelings, my life and safety matter. And I would never treat you or anyone else like anything less or more than an equal who matters too. Thank You!